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Excitement-packed days at Parc des Oiseaux – the Bird Park!

A tour of the world without borders

In the heart of County Ain, the Parc des Oiseaux offers unique, breath-taking experiences on an ornithological and botanical world tour. Immerse yourself in our world-exclusive collection of birds living in their natural habitats. Boasting 3,000 specimens from over 300 different species, spread across 35 hectares, the park is home to one of the largest collections in Europe.

Visitors pass through different species’ habitats, exploring plant life in a landscape that combines colours, scenery and dreams.

Come share this world of birds and enjoy an unforgettable visit with family or friends.

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Through a wide variety of unique activities, the park offers a complete change of scenery and unforgettable experiences: the Panoramic Tower (la Tour Panoramique), which reaches a lofty height of 27 metres; the Lorikeet Aviary (la Volière des Loris), allowing you to get up close with brightly-coloured parrots from Oceania; the magic and grace of the Birds in Flight Show (spectacle d’Oiseaux en Vol) – these are just a few of our favourite attractions that make your visit full of excitement and new adventures… Relaxation guaranteed!


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Opening on March 21rd, 2019
Lorikeet Aviary
Opening on March 21rd, 2019
Birds in flight
Opening on March 21rd, 2019
Panoramic Tour
Opening on March 21rd, 2019

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