The Nursery

oisillon à la nurserie

The park’s nest

Every year, we welcome (to our greatest pleasure) hundreds of births. In all, nearly 80 species reproduce: baby macaw, hornbill, flamingos, pelicans and cranes. Whilst these births are achievements, it is also due to the implementation of different practices by the keepers. Some of these chicks grow up in groups in the nursery and others are raised by their parents.

In our nursery, the chicks are pampered. They are weighed every 2 to 3 days and we closely monitor the evolution of their weight on a chart. During the hatching period (which can last up to 72 hours), we check the heart rate to make sure that everything is going well and to help them if needed.

Regarding their nutrition, for a baby flamingo for example, we prepare an enriched “mush” with vitamins and minerals 5 times a day which we put on the tip of their beak.


An emotional moment

Thanks to all this goodwill, the park witnessed in 2019 incredible births such as the monk vulture, the scalloped hornbill or the Australian magpie. If you too are completely moved by these chicks, we offer a guided tour with our teaching team. Emotions are guaranteed !


Calao papou à la nurserie


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Parc des oiseaux

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