From our amphitheatre, you will attend a “ballet” full of feathers and colours, worthy of the best choreographers. The common thread to this show is to highlight what is most magical about our birds: the flight. Against the backdrop of music that is sometimes cheerful or sometimes soft, our artists take the stage.

The red-legged seriema prefers to stay on the ground rather than to fly whereas, the stunning vultures fixes their stare on us with their serious face. Then, it is the ground hornbills and kookaburra time to put on the show.

In the distance, spreading their large white wings, the white pelicans glide to softly land on the tarmac. The time has come for the parrots, spoonbill and ibis to offer a flamboyant final show. Between emotion and amazement, this show is first and foremost the result of the daily accompaniment of the keepers to the birds.

Useful information:

  • Doors open 10mn before the start of the show
  • Show can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions (rain, gust of wind)