Immersive experiences

Keeper for a day

Perfect way to discover the job of an animal keeper !

This exclusive activity immerses you in the daily life of the keepers of the park for a morning. From preparing meals to feeding the birds, including the cleaning of the living spaces, taking part in the care of our residents, all under the experience of the park keepers !

The program is unique every day and it will take you to the Penguin Cove, the Australian Bush or Africa in Mosaic !

Useful information

The activity “keeper for a day” is reserved for people over 16 years old and is limited to one person per session. It is therefore a very privileged activity !

For children between 8 and 16 years old, the park offers the junior version of “Animal keeper”.

Naturalist for a day

In the shoes of an ornithologist !

Everything you have always wanted to know about the biodiversity of the “Dombes” ponds !

A day in the heart of nature, family and fun in the heart of the lDombes Nature Reserve. It is only available with a guide to discover the flora and fauna of this incredible ecosystem.

Let yourself guided as the picnic is prepared for you for lunch by the water.

Grandes aigrettes dans la réserve naturelle



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Parc des oiseaux

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