Loris Loft

Deux loris posés sur une branche

Meet these little playful birds

The rainbow lorikeet is a small parrot from Oceania. One of its particularity? Energy to spare! Playful and prankster, the lorikeet loves to hop from one branch to another, play and above all drink the flower nectar which forms the basis of its diet.

Live a unique moment

The Bird Park has designed an aviary of more than 700 square meters to allow these hyperactive birds to feel content and relaxed. Check the timetables

A colourful experience at the entrance of the aviary !

If you feel like an adventurer, feeding the birds will be made for you! Provided with a cup filled of nectar, you come into direct contact with the 300 little foodies.

Very sociable, the lorikeet places itself on your hand to be able to drink his precious beverage! You will share, during your visit, the life of this colony. You will be able to observe them arguing, making up or playing.

This extraordinary experience takes place under the watch of the bird keepers. If, on the contrary, you prefer to gaze at them discreetly, the free visit is just as fascinating.

Whether you choose to give them their nectar or to observe them, this space allows to measure the beauty and uniqueness of these rainbow lorikeet.


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