Your visit

For the children

Young Zoo Keeper

An unforgettable experience ! Help to cook the feast and take part in feeding the residents of the park: penguins,

The Rift Valley Farm

Meet the African Animals ! Move freely around the chickens, ducks, dwarf goats and other domestic animals from the African

Play area

Recreational stops for the small and big ! Play areas are available for our young visitors for short playful and

The key attractions

The Nursery

The park’s nest Every year, we welcome (to our greatest pleasure) hundreds of births. In all, nearly 80 species reproduce:

Panoramic Tower

A cabin at above 27m in the trees ! How about a walk allowing you to discover all at once

Loris Loft

Meet these little playful birds The rainbow lorikeet is a small parrot from Oceania. One of its particularity? Energy to

Immersive experiences

Keeper for a day Perfect way to discover the job of an animal keeper ! This exclusive activity immerses you

Guided tours

VIP Visit (backstage) Everything you have always wanted to know about the bird park without ever daring to ask !

Bird Show

Harmony From our amphitheatre, you will attend a “ballet” full of feathers and colours, worthy of the best choreographers. The

Suivez-nous !

Parc des oiseaux

01330 Villars Les Dombes
Tél. : +33 4 74 98 05 54
Fax : +33 4 74 98 27 74

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