Schools and Leisure Centres

The stunning beauty of the landscapes, together with the rich diversity of the birds on display, make the Parc des Oiseaux an original way to discover the world’s flora and fauna.

Our attractions have been designed and updated in collaboration with the ESPE in Bourg-en-Bresse. Group passes also include our fabulous Birds in Flight Show!

You may find these maths problems about parrots useful for 7-12 year olds.

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Nursery Schools

One of our friendly entertainers will teach the story of the birds, guiding your pupils along a trail that incorporates sight, smell, sound and touch, educating the children about the birds’ individual characteristics in a truly didactic experience.

Primary Schools  

Thematic Trails, Young Detectives…these are just some of the activities that will teach your students about the fascinating world of birds. Exploration, quizzes and reflection are the keywords that will guide your pupils around the park.

Leisure Centres

The Parc des Oiseaux has had a strong educational and didactic component since it was founded – our experience and passion in this area guarantee the ideal conditions for daytrips with children.


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