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Founded in 1963 to protect the Dombes’ ecosystem, the Nature Reserve is dedicated to preserving and educating about the zone’s flora and fauna.

Spanning over 340 hectares, with 6 marshes totalling 140 hectares, the Nature Reserve receives thousands of wild birds each year: Colverts, Common pochards, Gadwells, Eurasian teals…but also Black storks, Eurasian cranes and Glossy ibises…

Agricultural activity maintains the lakes, meadows and woods, thereby favouring the local flora and fauna’s survival.

Several campaigns are led by or in partnership with the Ain County Council.

The re-introduction of the Grey Partridge, construction of a botanical levee by the lakes of Sainte-Anne and Bogue, conservation of the Ferruginous pochard population (a species of duck that came to nest in the Dombes decades ago)…such programmes highlight the dedication and involvement of the Reserve’s organisers in conserving the Dombes’ biodiversity.

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