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Ain and la Dombes

Ain, a conserved and protected site of contrast
From the intensity of the Bugey landscapes to the exquisite Bresse gastronomy, not to mention the splendour of Brou Royal Monastery or la Dombes’ peculiar ecosystem, Ain is full of intense moments that you will warmly remember well after your departure. Cultural heritage, outdoor activities, gourmet dining, local tips and delicacies, come together to offer the passing visitor and the long-distance tourist ever-renewed emotions.
Reaching the peak of the Grand Colombier or experiencing the lyrical birdsong at the festival d’Ambronay ensures that visitors leave with unique and intense memories.

The Parc des Oiseaux is located in the heart of la Dombes, the land of a thousand marshes, renowned for its fishing, its migratory birds and the human history that has shaped its landscapes… The region’s unique landscape means endless possibilities for hikes that showcase the exceptional avifauna, much to the delight of nature lovers.


Nestled along the route from Lyon to Geneva, Bourg-en-Bresse makes an ideal stop for great hikes. Due to its heritage and traditions, its parks and gardens, the délices of its gourmet gastronomy, and the splendour of Brou’s royal monastery, Bourg-en-Bresse is a marvellous day out full of discoveries for all the family.



Ideally located, Lyon, capital of the Rhône-Alpes region, is just 30 mins from Parc des Oiseaux.

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, the former Gallic capital has 2,000 years of continuous history.

The Lyon metropolis has a surprising dynamism, with countless things to see or do: museums, festivals, shopping, theatre, opera, monuments, cinemas, parks…there are over 21,000 cultural and artistic events packed into Lyon’s diary.

The city also boasts exquisite gastronomy thanks to Paul Bocuse, but also its 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, and over 4,000 eateries – Lyon’s position as the gastro capital of the world is not without merit.

Ambronay Abbey

With a rich history spanning millennia, Ambronay Abbey hosts a highly active Cultural Meeting Centre since 2003. Synthesising a breath-taking monument and a rich artistic project based on the Ancient Festival of Music, the Ambronay CMC welcomes visitors from April to November, with guided tours, conferences and the occasional free impromptu concert!


Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne and its market

Located between Dombes and Bresse, close to the Beaujolais mountains – Châtillon – this warm town with remarkable heritage hosts a bustling market each Saturday, where every handicraft discipline is represented. A unique opportunity to feel the town’s atmosphere first-hand and discover its 80m cathedral-esque halls.


Trévoux and the banks of the Saône

Between Dombes and Beaujolais, 25km north of Lyon, this hidden gem lies on the banks of the River Saône – stroll or cycle along its picturesque towpaths, or unwind in the family bathing spot “Les Cascades” (The Falls).


Ars and the Holy Curé

Ars, a small village in the Dombes, has just 1,300 inhabitants, yet receives over 500,000 pilgrims and tourists, many of whom are from overseas. For more than 41 years, crowds flocked to see or hear the Holy Curé d’Ars and receive the Lord’s blessing. Pope Jean-Paul II visited Ars in 1986.

For the visit:

  • The Saint’s House, preserved in its original condition
  • St Philomene’s Basilisc, where you can visit the Holy Curé’s casket
  • The Heart Chapel, which has the Holy Curé’s heart reliquary
  • The Meeting Monument, which represents the Holy Curé’s arrival in Ars in 1818 and his meeting with the young shepherd
  • Notre Dame de la Miséricorde, constructed for the 100th anniversary of the Saint’s death
  • The Grévin Museum, tells the Holy Curé’s life story through 17 key events and 35 life-size wax statues


Medieval City of Pérouges

Rated one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, you’ll fall in love with this ancient city of weavers, its constructions dating from the 15th and 16th Centuries, its narrow streets, and its fortified church.


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