Grand Opening of “African Mosaic”

New for 2018

As the second largest continent by area, Africa boasts a wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems that have allowed an extremely rich avifauna to flourish.
For this reason, Parc des Oiseaux has been unable to fully pay tribute to this outstanding diversity until now; the sheer size of the collection of flora and fauna proves an ambitious challenge. On the other hand, this project provides more than enough food for thought – we have certainly not lacked for inspiration or colour for the African Mosaic, pairing landscapes with their respective fauna in our biggest project to date!
Spanning over 3 hectares, with 7 areas to discover, 3 waterfalls, 1,000m3 of rock walls and 300 birds, the African Mosaic is first and foremost a sensory voyage into the heart of a continent where nature and the animals still reign supreme.


Video Behind the scenes: Making the African Plain

Video Behind the scenes: Arrival of the Birds

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