Enjoy a day of economic freedom at the Parc des Oiseaux

To make purchases in the Parc des Oiseaux:

Use your credit card at any sales point (min. charge €1),
Use your “electronic wallet”, a secure contactless payment card with NFC technology.

To get your card, there are two “electronic wallet” points in the park:
– at the information centre, park entrance
– at the Panoramic Tower
You may use your “electronic wallet” card to make all your purchases in the park. With each purchase you can check your remaining credit.

To top your card up, approach either of the “electronic wallet” points

Get your remaining credit back by emailing cashless@parcdesoiseaux.com

Please complete the refund form below.
You will need to provide the “Electronic Wallet” card number as well as your bank details (please take extra care when providing these) so we can process your refund.

Last name & First Name:

Your electronic-wallet number (on the back of your card)

Your contact information

Bring your R.I.B. and fill in the bank details below:

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