The Lorikeet Aviary

Come face-to-face with the parrots

Have you ever dreamt of stroking and feeding the birds? The Parc des Oiseaux will grant your wishes, inviting you into the heart of a new 700m² space dedicated to rainbow lorikeets, the small, brightly-coloured parrots that originate from Oceania. Rainbow lorikeets, with their flamboyant plumage, live in wooded grasslands, mangroves and tropical forests.

So grab your feeding cup, walk into the Aviary, and get close and personal with over 200 parrots to feed them the nectar they adore. The more adventurous birds will come and rest on your arms! As for the others, they will watch you carefully from the corner of their eyes…

Due to safety reasons, the Lorikeet Aviary is not accessible for school groups and leisure centres.

A respectful approach to natural habitat

Two circuits allow you to choose between a classic observation path and a privileged meeting with the birds. With the well-being of the animals in mind, we have recreated the lorikeets’ natural habitat with wooded vegetation, particularly trees and plants with light foliage that filter light without obscuring it, in order to foster undergrowth.

Under the supervision of carers, this exhilarating feeding experience fosters a connection between bird and man. A moment of sharing that makes you keenly aware of the beauty of these brightly-coloured Rainbow lorikeets.

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