An enchanting

A journey across the continents

Located in the heart of the Dombes, the third largest freshwater wetland in France, the Parc des Oiseaux in Ain is a portal to a spectacular world of birds and plants, for a memorable journey across the continents.

Comprising 27 of the 36 bird orders in the world, this animal park has one of the largest and most diverse collections in Europe. Discover over 3,000 birds from 300 different species, living in total freedom within their natural habitats over 35 heactares. A veritable coloured paradise set in an extraordinary landscape.

Immersing yourself in natural habitats

The park provides an exceptional setting for discovering rare species. The tropical jungle, the Australian bush and the African plain will take you on a journey through the rich landscapes and fauna of each continent.
The tropical jungle invites you to dive headfirst into the tropics. Within this 1,250m² area, you venture into the territory of the many species that populate tropical rainforests, including the Peruvian cock-of-the-rock – national emblem of Peru – which is extremely rare in captivity. The Parc des Oiseaux is the only place in France with such a large space open to the public.

The world tour continues with a trip to the Australian bush that immerses you in the landscape and scenery of Australian culture, including the reconstruction of an aboriginal village, an aviary that showcases the diversity of Australian birdlife, and an exploration of farming activities and their consequences on biodiversity.

The rocky terrain and red earth of the bush are recognisable symbols of Australia.  Take the opportunity to try something new – enter the wallaby enclosure and get up close to these marsupials. Here you can also see an endangered species up close: the Southern cassowary.

The African Mosaic is a new area for 2018 that continues the theme of landscape reconstruction, to raise visitors’ awareness of the diversity of birdlife across the continents, in this case thrusting you into the African plains.

Conserve and enhance

Preserving and improving the environment are part of our main commitments to help raise public awareness about the richness of birdlife. Parc des Oiseaux takes part in activities and programmes that protect biodiversity, in association with international organisations.

Together with the altruistic aim of conserving endangered species, the park’s attractive layout undoutedly makes it a unique tourist attraction. We strive to recreate the animals’ natural habitat by building a landscape adapted to their needs, taking the natural characteristics of the Dombes and its local vegetation into careful consideration.

There are 26 spaces open to the public, in which you can travel from the Pantanal Aviary to the African Plains. The park is firmly based on the concept of ‘parkland without borders’, to allow the effortless communion of man and nature. The originality of this bird park lies in the removal of barriers between bird and visitors, via shows, innovative activities, and fun educational events. Thus Parc des Oiseaux promotes a close connection between humans and birds.

The Nursery

One of the highlights of the visit, the park’s Nursery is where hundreds of births take place each year. This allows the collection to increase its population, following reproduction programmes that aim to preserve the species.

Baby macaws, hornbills, flamingos, pelicans, storks – almost a hundred species of bird reproduce here each year.

Poussin Manchot du Parc des Oiseaux


The steps the park has taken in favour of biodiversity have been recognised with various awards and distinctions that help uphold its reputation.

The Parc des Oiseaux is committed to quality in order to continuously improve visitor satisfaction, and in December 2008 was awarded an ISO 9001 certificate.

  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, 92.6% satisfaction
  • 130,000 Facebook fans
  • 2014: Rhône-Alpes Trophy of Innovation for the Lorikeet Aviary
  • 2016: The Parc des Oiseaux is a checkpoint in the Tour de France!
  • 2016: According to a March 2016 study conducted by ‘Ça m’intéresse’ (I’m interested in…), the French rank Parc des Oiseaux as:
  • N°1 Leisure destination in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • N°5 Nature – Animal site in France
  • N°16 Leisure activity site in France


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